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What Happens if You Load a Boat with a Bunch of Hackers and Sony Xperia!

Here’s an interesting three-day challenge where bunch of hackers are loaded on a boat with Sony Xperia Android smartphones. One of the cooler/funnier hacks is where a real flame is used in place of camera flash.

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How to Hack Verizon Mobile Hotspot on Droid Bionic to Get Free Wifi Tethering!

For those of you on Verizon’s grandfathered plans, you might be happy to learn that the new Droid Bionic can give you free wifi tethering simply by changing a line of code in Droid Bionic’s database.

To do this, you will need a rooted Droid Bionic and get SQLite Editor app ($2.99) off Market.

See full step-by-step instructions over at DroidBionic

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Android 2.3.6 Coming to Nexus S!

Android 2.3.6 is rolling out on Nexus S phones this week, this will be a fun update. For those of you rooted on your Nexus S, I highly advise to just wait couple more days as there should be plenty of ROMs with Android 2.3.6 instead of trying to do the OTA update yourself. (Check

via engadget

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How to ROOT Galaxy S2!

My friend recently brought over a European/Asian version of Samsung Galaxy S2 Android smartphone, I couldn’t resist to root the phone to give his phone superpowers. You can read up on full step-by-step instructions on how to root your Galaxy S2.

Btw, Galaxy S2 is the thinnest smartphone I’ve ever touched and probably the fastest/best phone I’ve tried, highly recommended.

Here’s also a hands-on review of the Galaxy S2 phone I made the other day:

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iPhone 5 Imagined [Video]

Can you imagine what iPhone 5 would look like?

Aatma Studio has put together their own concept version of the iPhone 5, which features ultra-thin display/phone, holographic display, and a multi-touch adjustable virtual keyboard.

From what we have seen so far from Apple in the last couple launches of iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G, this is probably very unlikely.

Hey but you can always enjoy this video, it seems to me more like iPhone 10.

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Symbian Belle Video – Nokia’s New Mobile OS! [MUST SEE]

Above is the video of Nokia’s latest mobile OS, Symbian Belle, which “finally” does a lot of things that other smartphones do already. The video is in French but we can see clearly from the video that Nokia has finally stepped up and did something about their losing shares of the mobile market.

Of course, this doesn’t mean Nokia is going to pick up raving fans like Android or iOS just yet but it does look very promising.

Nokia who? Sorry, there’s a company that makes cellphones called Nokia for those of you who don’t know.

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Gingerbread ROOT is Here for HTC Evo 4G! [4.24.651]

For months, latest OTA update 4.24.651 has blocked many users of HTC Evo 4G from rooting their phones but Gingerbread ROOT is finally here for everyone to enjoy.

Check out full instructions at

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How to Get Long Battery Life on the HTC Evo 3D with 1.728Ghz Overclocking!

Looking for the best ROM on the HTC Evo 3D with overclocking? I’ve got my Evo 3D overclocked to 1.728Ghz dual-core and also with even longer battery life than stock 1.2Ghz dual-core.


Check out Viper ROM, RCMix kernel, and use the OC daemon inside Viper ROM to underclock when your phone is in sleep mode.

For full details, check out my post at

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Android Smartphones are Most Popular Smartphones of 2011!

Android smartphones have indeed proven to be more popular than any other smartphones including Nokia and Apple, with a market share of over 40% while everyone else falls short of 20%.

What next?

This just means we, as consumers will get better prices and better products. Android smartphones range from low-budget teenager phones to 3D phones like HTC Evo 3D, allowing most households to afford one while Apple is really for niche market for those people who are brand-whored. As for Nokia and RIM, their innovations is clearly lacking, I have not seen a single person car

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HTC Launches OpenSense Open Source SDK!

One of the things I like about HTC is that they are going to open source all of their HTC Android smartphones and tablets. Which is great for people who are trying to install new ROMs, unlock their phones, etc…etc…

Finally, HTC launches OpenSense SDK, which is basically a development environment for their HTC devices. The new site also hints at “Unlock Bootloader” feature, which will be coming soon and phones that have been locked as of recently like the HTC Evo 4G, will benefit greatly from users being able to root their phones again.

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