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Zedomax is a blog based out of San Francisco, CA focusing specifically on HOWTOs, DIYs ,and  hacks, and gadget reviews.

From time to time, we will also post the most interesting stuff  on technology, internet marketing, and anything that interests us.

You can also make use of our FREE guest blogger accounts where you can get free online exposure for your tech-related products/services.

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What is the meaning of Zedomax?

Zedomax is just a name Max created when he was 9 years old. (about 20+ years ago…)

Although Zedomax has been in hibernation for about 20+ years of Max’s life, the name has come back to haunt him as a dot com blog.

History of Zedomax?

Here’s the original logo of Zedomax Max created when he was 9 years old, a “ghost” company he made in his bedroom as a 4th grader in elementary school:

(Original logo of Zedomax Max drew at age 9 in 1989.)

Max has kept this logo for over 20 years, waiting until the day it would come back as this blog you see now.

Ironically, Max made money as a 9 year old selling Cable Descrambler Circuits on Prodigy.  (before the internet)  Perhaps, that’s how Max got the start for this blog, which is a free information portal for DIYs and HOWTO articles.

Max is a smartphone addict, owns five over five (can’t remember anymore but having several smartphones make u smart) smartphones, a Samsung Vibrant,  HTC Evo 4G, Droid Incredible, Nexus One, Droid 2, T-Mobile G2,  and a Palm Pre; you can also check out his Samsung Vibrant Hacks blog, HTC Evo Hacks blog,  Palm Pre Hacks blog and Nexus One Hacks blog.

If you want to learn what kind of web server this site runs on (Nginx), you can also check out Web Server Hacks blog here.

Thanks Phil!

Max thanks Phillip Torrone at Makezine for all the inspiration and cool stuff Phil provided through his Make Blog.

If it wasn’t for Phil, Max would have never have started blogging, know about blogs, and realize that blogs are cool. Anyway, you gotta check out the Make blog or at least buy the cool magazines they sell.

With Phillip Torrone

(Here’s Garrett, Phil, and Max hangin’ out at 2007 Maker Faire in San Mateo.)

Contributing Authors

Senior Editor – David

David joins us from the UK. David Allen is an internet marketing consultant who has numerous experience working on lots of different area of Technology including sales and marketing. He even was the Chief Operating Officer of NetmateWorld for couple years. Anyways, he has much experience in the field of technology and you can reach him at david.allen.uk@gmail.com. Glad we have a UK blogger to offset all our American BS here on Zedomax.com! 🙂

HOWTO Specialist – Andrew Nealon

Andrew joins us from New York, he is our HOWTO specialist who specializes in HOWTOs, he is a former editor of a famous New York newspaper (we won’t say who, you probably know that already) and likes to jump into Zedomax.com to put his little “insights” into life.

Trends Keeper – Tanya Palta

Tanya Palta is an experienced blogger/online journalist who joins us from time-to-time (whenever her time allows), she’s blogged for big blogs like Mashable and many others, she will contribute “big” stories that you will see as headlines at Zedomax.com.  Thank her for getting all your latest news on iPad, iPhones, iPods, she is a Mac-head, yup we need her because she’s our “mac girl”.

Android Specialist – Brian Yalung

Brian joins us from Philipines, he’s been working with Zedomax for years and he’s a very experienced blogger who’s expertise at Zedomax.com is posting all the up-to-date Android stuff.   Thank him for getting all our Android news at Zedomax.com!

Want to write for Zedomax.com?   E-mail Max at zedomax [at] gmail.com.  We don’t accept everyone but we are very “free” and we love people who are open-minded.

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  2. max says:

    oh thanks man! :o)
    Cheers! Make sure to let us know if you find somethin’ cool!

  3. 규식 says:

    잘 지내? 완전 바쁜가봐? ㅋ 나도 프로젝트 땜시 완전 바쁘게 지내고 있어..

    그럼 수고하구.. 우리 형도 형 소식 궁금해하더라. 우리형은 인천공항서 빡시

    게 일하고 있어..ㅋ 한국오게 되면 인천공항에서 바로 볼수 있을걸?ㅋㅋ

    뭐 아무튼 Good luck~

  4. max says:

    오 규식 잘 지내노?
    음 요새 좀 많이 바쁘네…
    담에 한국가면 맛있는거 먹자!

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  6. 규식 says:

    컴파일에서 나오셨나보네요.. ㅋ 저도 너무 정신없이 지내다 오랜만에 들어오니

    먼가 또 많이 업그레이드가 되어버렸네요..ㅋ

    별일 없이 잘 있는거에요?

    언제 볼수 있을런지..ㅋ 전 잘 지내고 있어요.

    암튼 잘 지내고 있어요. 내년에는 어떻게든 놀러라도 미국에 한 번 가볼 생각이에요.

    ㅋ. 그럼 수고해요~

  7. girrrrrrr2 says:

    MAX RULZ!!!!!!

  8. max says:

    Hey, I somehow missed this comment but that means a lot to me grrrrrr2. I will try to get you a free green laser next time since I practically do free marketing for Dragon Lasers now. If you typed DragonLasers on Google, you will see thousands of linkbacks from zedomax.com…. 🙂

    But do check out the new http://FiveDollarWiki.com and http://OneBuckWiki.com.

  9. max says:

    잘 지내냐? 미안하다 내가 별로 연락도 안 하구…
    내가 아마 한국에 잠깐 들릴지도 모르니까…
    이거 봐라:


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  14. zedomax says:

    다들 잘 지내노? ㅋㅋㅋ

  15. pavalos says:

    Max please make this site lighter my computer hardly uploads it now. I didnt had any trouble before 2,3 months thanks

  16. pavalos says:

    Max please make this site lighter my computer hardly uploads it now. I didnt had any problems before 2,3 months thanks

  17. carelectronics says:

    it really nice, thanks ^^

  18. zedomax says:

    Well noted, trying best here to make the site load faster, it's running on 2 quad-core servers so it's fast as it gets as far as hardware is concerned, this is better than couple months ago when the loading times per page was over like 4 seconds. 🙂

  19. sarayang says:

    hi there,
    If I had some cool stuffs to recomment, which email I can send to?

  20. zedomax says:

    Please send to zedomax at gmail.com!

  21. zedomax says:

    Please send to zedomax at gmail.com!

  22. Anonymous says:


    Your photo guide to cleaning the G4 CPU is awesome. I’m sure it saved me over $200 having to cart the dam thing off to Apple.

    Simply, you are the MAN.


  23. max says:

    Hey thanks LG, u da man too for me being helpful, WHOOHOO! Tell ur friends about Zedomax.com. 🙂 #ScrewSendingG4toAppleforTwoHundredDollars

  24. I Like Zedomax really,I Know Zedomax will be better next time

  25. Jdagifted says:

    I recently did the htc evo root per your youtube directional video, i was wondering if you had a tutorial on updating to froyo. i have tried everything o update and it keeps crashing on install and giving me an error status 7

  26. Sup Max..... says:

    Hey bro, I lost your number, hit a brother up….

  27. Michael says:

    I tried the rooting method for my Transformer that’s posted to Youtube and now my video is all messed up and I can’t use the unit. What do I do now?

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