Gelsight – New 3D Surface Sensing Material!

Just when you thought fingerprint sensors was cutting-edge technology, Gelsight comes along, a new 3D surface sensing material that can detail at even microscopic levels.

Gelsight has many applications such as using it as a 3D scanning sensor and even find out the small details in a bullet mark. This is pretty top-notch stuff, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it implemented in future 3D fingerprinting applications.

See for more details.

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  1. GeeP says:

    Wow. Implications endless. Now, this is possibly something to hang around to see, as well as, all the fallout from all the brainstorming. I can’t stop mine from spinning.
    Hey, new entry for “Spinning”- uncontrollable firing (caloric energy) brain cells-synapse tracking new paths, out of control – aerobic mental exercise…possible link to new…evolutionary benchmark.
    Question is: Will we recognize the “moment”, the zone of remarkable human evolution so as to avoid the “missing link” marker?Pp
    Lots of littles add to make bigs, then there are those moments that in a

    day and a night change forever who we are never to return to who we were.
    This IS one of those moments.

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