HP TouchPad Selling at $99 Like Hotcakes!

If you were lucky, you could have picked up an HP TouchPad, a 9.7-inch WebOS-based tablet device for just $99 at your local Wal-mart or BestBuy.

The crazy frenzy started last week when HP announced discontinued product development and support for their latest HP TouchPad only less than after 2 months of launch date.

Only days after that, HP TouchPad has started selling at only $99 at various retail stores.  Now, here comes the fun part, this $99 tablet device is probably the deal of century for a multi-touch tablet device.  In fact, if you compare HP TouchPad at $99, it’s better than iPad 2, Galaxy Tab 10.1, and any other tablet device on the market, heck I would want a couple of them.

So I did literally go driving around town trying to pick up 3 of these tablets at my local Wal-Mart and BestBuy for hours yesterday and today because I wanted to give one for my mom and dad.  In the end, no luck for me, all the crazies has bought them already and some selling it back on eBay for around $140.

So what?

HP has sold over 350,000 of these $99 TouchPad tablets over the weekend and that doesn’t include sales for today.  By Monday or Tuesday this week, HP might have sold a million of these units.

Death to TouchPad?  Not yet folks, if there’s that much interest, HP could have just saved themselves from total failure even if they’ve lost a lot of money in the process.  With a sudden exponential increase in number of users of TouchPad, they could be on their way to reviving TouchPad.

Am I wrong?  I probably might be but then again, I could be right.  I love WebOS, not so much how HP killed the Palm brand but hey, who knows, HP could announce the revival of TouchPad next week.  Things happen so quickly in the tech world, I hope I can tell you, “I told you so” next week.

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