How to Make a Custom Sliding TV Mount!

Sometimes making your own custom TV mount could be the only answer or you might be stuck with a TV that’s taking up unnecessary space. For those of you who are trying to customize your TV mount options, take a look at this DIY that shows you how to make a sliding TV mount that allows your TV to slide horizontally.

I wanted a TV mount that I could attach to the upper portion of my entertainment center, but could not find one that would fit without modification, so I do what everyone here does – make my own. I’ll show you how I made mine and hopefully give you some ideas on how to modify mine to fit your needs. I’ll also try to point out things I would do differently and my learning opportunities (mistakes).

I would like something like this done for my livingroom TV so I can slide the TV across the wall if I want to and better yet perhaps be able to change the angle of TV. With the right tools and a little imagination, I don’t see why not.

Don’t want to build your own? Try the full motion TV Mount.

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4 Responses to How to Make a Custom Sliding TV Mount!

  1. Man says:

    Those wires look really tacky. This is not a clean install. Please have a better picture next time.

  2. Pablo says:

    Oh for crying out loud! We’re talking about the mechanism and principle of the SLIDING TV, MAN! Its not like he’s selling something asshole! jeezzz!..tacky wires?! I hope you fuckn realize you’re such a STUPID FAGGOT!

  3. Pablo says:

    Hey Max? Don’t even think of apologizing to faggot MAN. SHE isn’t worth the respect!

  4. max says:

    Lol, thanks Pablo! I wasn’t gonna apologize for anything anyways. 🙂

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