What You Could Do with 65,000 AOL CDs!

Everyone probably remembers that AOL sent every household in America at least 3 AOL CDs each back in the 90s and it’s no doubt one of the secrets AOL became so big. And indeed it’s ironic that AOL stopped growing once CD spam became outlawed.

Now, what if you could turn many of those AOL CDs into something useful, like an art exhibit that shows how wasteful CDs are (when used in the wrong way), and this is exactly what architect Clémence Eliard and artist Elise Morin did.

I always thought those pile of CDs would one day prove useful, for one, you can put a bunch of CDs backward-face-down all over your car’s dashboard to beat speeding cameras. There’s probably a bunch of ways to re-use them as reflective surfaces, the ideas are endless.

So what?

Next time you throw away that CD, remember that going to the waste will only result in more pollution for our environment, perhaps you can save them for your next artistic project or whatever.

via technabob, dezeen

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