Galaxy Tab 8.9 Previewed!

Lucky attenders of BlogHer got to see hands-on preview of the latest Galaxy Tab 8.9, which is the evil 8.9-inch brother of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

As a user of Galaxy Tab 10.1 for about the last month or so, I would have to say it’s the best Android tablet you can get right now if all you are worried is couch-browsing on a super-sleek device that’s lighter/slimmer than iPad 2. Of course, typing on a 10.1-inch screen is rather cumbersome, I would rather have a 8.9-inch tablet device but 7-inch seems too small.

See a short preview video by folks at Tecca:

So what?

I think Galaxy Tab 8.9 is going to be a killer Android tablet. I have not tried it but from different Android tablets I have tried, Sammy is the way to go.

via engadget, Tecca

Also see some more previews of Tab 8.9:

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