How to Turn your Android device into Remote Live View CAM for Canon DSLR with Android App “DSLR Controller”!

I’ve been actually looking for something like this, a Live View camera that can be tethered to my Canon 7D DSLR camera so I can have better control while I take 1080P videos I upload to YouTube.

It’s an Android app called DSLR Controller that turns any Android device (including Android smartphone/tablet) into a Live View cam.

Why a need for such things?

First of all, when you are taking a video with a Canon 7D, there’s no way to tell if your camera is in focus (as it’s manual control) nor a way to adjust it properly without being directly behind the camera. There are several “expensive” options that let you add a remote Live View camera but those options are usually around couple thousand bucks.

When I am at home making videos on my desktop, I usually use the next best option, using the remote Live View on my Windows computer. This works really well as I can take videos and continuously adjust my camera in real-time.

The problem becomes a bit more serious when I don’t have my computer near me. I could use a laptop for sure but that’s a LOT of equipment to carry around if let’s say I am taking video at Golden Gate Bridge.

I will surely have a full review of this DSLR Controller app soon.

To take advantage of the DSLR Controller app, you will need an OTG USB converter (Get one on Amazon for like $3) which allows your Android device to use USB host mode. On Android tablet devices like EeePad Transformer, you won’t need one as it comes with USB ports with USB host mode enabled.

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