How to Make a DIY Nuclear Reactor and Neutron Gun!

*Note – This is for informational purposes only, we are not responsible if you turn your house into a nuclear waste filled with radioactive materials.

For those of you who might be interested in learning how a nuclear reactor, you might want to take a look at this video that explains how to make a DIY nuclear reactor from household radioactive materials.

According to the author, element thorium can be found in old latern mantels. Simply get as many latern mantels, blow torch them into power, mix the powder with lithium from lithium battery, wrap it up in foil, then heat it in a can with cooking oil.

If you have enough of this, you can fuel your own DIY nuclear reactor!

Now to make your elements radioactive, build yourself a DIY neutron gun with a lead block, aluminum foil, and hundreds of americium found in smoke detectors.

Next extract some radium from glow-in-the-dark products by dipping in solvent.

Finally, mix the amaricium from smoke detectors and the radium and wrap it in foil, this will result in your own DIY nuclear reactor core.

Make some cubes by mixing thorium and charcoals wrapped in more foil.

Drop the nuclear reactor core into the middle of your cubes and duct tape it all.

The ending result? You’ve got a DIY nuclear reactor ready to go.

via hackaday, author’s website

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