How to ROOT ASUS EeePad Transformer!

So, I picked up an ASUS EeePad Transformer 10.1-inch Android tablet, it’s one of the best tablets you can get right now for the price you pay. Well, I had to root it sometime soon or later and yes, I’ve rooted it which took me all day and if you have a Transformer, I highly recommend you root it too.

I’ve launched a new site to put all my instructions, you can check out some of the things I did with Transformer today:

I’ve got my Transformer tablet humming really good at 1.4Ghz right now, that’s TWO dual-core processors at 1.4Ghz, take that iPad 2.

Anyways, there’s already native Ubuntu hack for Transformer and I will try to see if I can run that tomorrow perhaps install WordPress on it so don’t forget to check back or check your e-mail inbox for alerts.

Also read up on my EeePad Transformer review if you haven’t yet, it’s a really good, hackable tablet.

I will have more other projects posting soon, I am a bit absorbed with my new tablets so thanks for understanding.

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