How to Make DIY Dumbbells from Concrete!

Today I went to Big5 and Sports Authority to buy some dumbells.  Sadly, they didn’t even have the 60 pound dumbbells I wanted plus you had to special order them.

Nevermind the ridiculous price of “one” dumbell (which was like $100), so I looked online for some answers on how to make your own DIY dumbells.  There’s a guy on YouTube who says you can make them out of milk jugs or laundry detergent containers but the only culprit is that you can only get them to go about 35 pounds plus it’s not really going to look nice.

However, I found this article on a forum that shows this guy who made DIY dumbells from concrete!  This seems to be a great idea, I might try getting some galvanized pipes, put some concrete on the sides then paint them over with my favorite color and add some grips.

Well, that seems to be the best idea so let me go try it soon.

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