How to Make a DIY Touchpad Input Device!

Adding a touch-input to your next project can enhance its user experience but did you know that a simple touchpad isn’t rocket science but do-able under budget?

Giorgos Lazaridis shows you (and even shares his circuit diagrams) on how to make such DIY touchpad input device, and believe me, no one wants to push physical buttons these days.

I made this circuit, because i faced several problems with the touch-pad for my keycode doorlock project. I tried many different touch-pad designs, yet all had problems. Designing a touch-pad is not a simple thing after all. There are several considerations to take into account, and as i found out (the hard way) experience is mostly needed. So, here is one touch-pad that works and you can use it as-is for your designs.

via hackedgadgets

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