HP TouchPad Now Available Everywhere!

HP TouchPad is now finally here everywhere!  I still remember getting my first Palm Pre, which runs the same WebOS that the TouchPad runs.  I still think WebOS is better than both Android and iOS as far as intuitive multi-touch plus apps can easily be erased from the RAM using the card system.

WebOS is more close to a Linux OS while Android is a derivative of Linux.  I just like the fact that with WebOS, you can actually run native Linux applications, meaning there’s far more hacking uses for it and compatibility to Linux.

Of course, you can run Linux on Android too but it’s still too slow and at its infant stages unlike WebOS where you can slap on some Lighttpd and MySQL to run a mobile WordPress hosting platform.

I will eventually have to get one to play around with this new HP TouchPad, it’s definitely one of the better options with tablets.

Where can you get the HP TouchPad?

Amazon, HP.com, NewEgg, or BestBuy

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