Wireless LED Floodlight Review!

Recently, I’ve been looking for floodlight replacement for my house because the old one was breaking and didn’t work all that well.

Well, I went to Home Depot and they had a bunch of them but they all cost like over $100 plus you needed to wire them directly to your home’s AC power.

After doing some more research with solar LED lights and other floodlights, I found this great little wireless LED floodlight that runs on three D batteries and with a motion sensor that only works at night (so it does’t drain battery when not needed).

This is the most perfect solution for floodlights and I’ve seen a bunch of over-priced solar LED outdoor lights that are simply not bright enough.

These LED floodlights feature motion sensors that only work at night, meaning your batteries will last at least a year or more.  I like smart devices like this and the price is right too at around $22 on Amazon.

The battery is really easy to change to, a plus.

Overall, I am happy with this purchase and it’s super bright, highly recommended buy.

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