Over 400,000 ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Tablets Shipped!

If you want to rank the most popular 10.1″ tablet sold today, you could probably go by number of tablets shipped in the last couple months. The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Android tablet has been literally flying off the shelves of every retailer throughout the world and I personally had to pre-order one just hoping to get my hands on one.

Where can you get your hands on one right now?

B&H – $399

Amazon – $449

ASUS has had a hard time meeting demand for its Eee Pad Transformer since the device’s launch earlier this year, but we clearly don’t have component shortages to blame. Jerry Shen, the Taiwanese company’s CEO, says that he expects to sell 300,000 of the tablets this month, following shipments totaling 400,000 in April and May. That figure puts the device in the number two spot for worldwide tablet shipments, just behind the prevailing iPad 2.

via engadget

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