DIY Android/Arduino-Controlled Labyrinth/Maze!

We are gonna be seeing a slew of great Android-controlled Arduino applications, these things are about to explode soon and here’s another great application showing control of a physical labyrinth/maze with a Nexus One Android smartphone:

Inspired by the ball maze at Google I/O 2011, I decided to go and raid my parents’ house for the ball maze I grew up with. When I found it the challenge was set: I had one night to develop the hardware and software to control the maze using my Google Nexus One, using only what I could find in my (sadly very small and limited) workshop.

I started at about 7pm and by 5am the next morning it was complete. I might add that this is my very FIRST Android project aside from Hello Android, and I can’t even claim to have written very much at that. It was a duct-taped together mashup of Demokit (provided by Google), and various accelerometer demo code samples provided around the web.

Sorry about the fluorescent lighting reflecting off the screen of my phone, hopefully you can see everything.

Completely unrelated to my day job as database and software technician, but I’m hoping to build bridges between the two:

via hackaday

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