Best 55-inch LED TV Right Now?

I’ve been personally been looking for the largest LED TV size I can afford under $1,500 but with the latest features such as web access.   Well, there’s a slew of great 46″ LED TVs out there for about $1,000-1200 range but the problem them is that they come with too many features such as 3D, which I would gladly wait couple years before upgrading as I am still currently on my 46″ DLP TV I bought back in 2004 for $2,300.  I would rather sacrifice the 3D features I don’t need and get a larger 55″ LCD TV.  Lo and behold I found a great 55″ LED LCD TV, not just LCD but it also comes with SmartTV, which I was willing to sacrifice to get a bigger-sized TV.

Anyways, I think I have found the one, this 55-inch LG Infinia LV5500 LED TV with SmartTV, which I got to see at CES 2011 this year.  This isn’t the top-of-the-line LG LED TV but it is one of the newer and better with WiFi-module embedded for quick access to YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and wirelessly streaming from your computer.

The price?  The price is right, you have to add it to cart before you can see the price but as of yesterday, it was $1,377.  I couldn’t find any other LCD TV that was bigger and with more features.

LG is also an upcoming Korean electronics company, they are regarded in Korea as good as Samsung but the price is always lower.  I always prefer to buy LG over Samsung any day because most of the time you get the same thing but cheaper.   Back in 2004, LG didn’t even sell TVs in America, and how things have changed now that LG is here.

Anyways, I think this is a really great deal on 55-inch LED LCD TV if you are looking to upgrade your TV (finally).   I will have a full review of this TV when I get it next week so watch out for that too.

You can get this 55-inch LG TV on Amazon. [Best Price]

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