Affordable Wireless Motion-Sensing LED Floodlight!

Problem with most traditional wired floodlights is that they must be “wired” and that means drilling holes in the walls of your home and that can sometimes be bad (if you install it wrong).  Besides that, you might actually spend more money as for most motion-sensing wired floodlights are in the $100-200 range.

But why bother with all that when you can get these Wireless Motion-Sensing LED floodlights (that run on three D batteries for a year) and install them everywhere around your house without drilling holes?

These wireless LED floodlights also are bright as they run on batteries and only turns on at night.

I’ve also done my research (not just bs-ing here), there are also solar wireless LED floodlights out there.  Most solar LED lights in general are not recommended for floodlights as solar panels are still way too expensive in proportion to the amount of power they generate.  Unless you want to install a full-size solar panels on your roof, solar LED floodlights are simply not cost effective at this point.  This might change in 2-3 years but I’ve already spent $300 on some solar LED floodlights at my local Home Depot, only to return them all because the light intensity they provide simply suck.

Anyways, back to the point, LED lights can still save energy and money for you but you will want to find ones that run on battery for bright floodlights.

You can get these Wireless LED floodlights I recommend on Amazon for just $21.91 each.  I will also have a video review of these soon so check back.

P.S. Oh yeah, one more thing, don’t go buy LED lightbulbs just yet, they are still not cost-effective over CFL lightbulbs.  Even though LED is the most efficient, CFL isn’t too far behind but the cost-savings are much bigger with CFLs at this point.  I would wait 2-3 years when LED lightbulbs become mainstream.

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