How to Make a Low-Cost DIY Eye-Movement Detector!

Need to add eye-movement detector for your next project?   Check out what Luis Cruz (a senior in high school) did, a low-cost DIY eye-movement detector. This is amazing, not only that he was able to do it for low cost but this kid is simply GENIUS!

The human eye is polarized, with the front of the eye being positive and the back of the eye being negative. This is caused by a concentration of negatively charged nerves in the retina on the back of the eye. As the eye moves the negative pole moves relative to the face and this change in the dipole potential can be measured on the skin in micro volts. To translate this voltage into a position, two sets of electrodes are used to measure the differential voltage in the vertical and horizontal direction, on this project, however, just horizontal movements are recorded.

Here’s a demo of his DIY eye-movement detector:

via make, Luis Cruz’s Website

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