Free DIY Furniture Designs and Instructions!

I’ve actually bought my first electric saw the other day and been cutting up bunch of stuff for practice.  My next goal is to build my own furniture and if you are thinking along those lines, you might want to check out these free DIY furniture designs and instructions.

This is going to be great, I am going to save a bunch of money on furniture.

I’ve got so many furniture designs going that I will never get to make, so I thought why not loan them out for others to see and use as they wish. Think of it as a seed bank. These are domestic scale furniture designs generally in the traditional mode, but modern in form within the restrictions of materials and skills. That sounds good. This is not exactly a how-to-do-it site, though that sort of information is included, but rather a site to show you the wide verity of forms these designs can take answering the same basic requirements. My take, anyway. This is straight forward stuff using mostly wood. Some projects are very easy, others not.

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