How to Wash Wine Glasses in your Dishwasher!

I know every time I drink wine, cleaning your wine glasses the day after can become a time-consuming chore, especially if the wine dries out and leaves wine stains that you will have to scrub hard.

Well, what if you could wash your wine glasses in your dishwasher?

You can with this Wine Tether device, the inventor is trying to get some more people involved, you can order it on pre-sale for $12.99 at Quirky.

Washing your wine glasses can be risky business, especially when you’re using your dishwasher. Save your stemware with Tether, a flexible silicone rod that stabilizes your stemware as it goes through the cycle.

– Comes in a pack of four.
– Hollow base slides over dishwasher post.
– End clasp clips onto wine glass stem.
– Adjust the rod to fit the glass on either the top or bottom rack of your dishwasher.
– Comes in purple.

See video of it in action:

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