Segway Golf Carts!

You know, I really, really love golf because I’ve been playing for over 20+ years and this latest Segway will be the most awesome addition to golfers everywhere in the world, the Segway Golf Cart!


Well, golf carts aren’t exactly the best things to drive around the golf course because you seat two people and sometimes you have to go back and forth between the two people’s shots.

With the Segway golf cart, every individual golfer will be able to help speed up the play of golf by having their own transportation.  Besides that, this is probably great for the golf course itself as the Segway golf cart comes with special low-pressure turf tires that put less pressure on the ground than conventional golf carts.

And think about this, you could probably go more places with the Segway where golf carts can’t like small paths, through the trees, etc…etc…

Not sure how long it will take but I think these Segway golf carts will eventually make their way to eventually replace all golf carts out there.   Too bad, it’s only available in UK right now.

Enjoy the road less travelled with the Segway x2 Turf. It’s rugged, tough and designed to conquer the trail ahead without disturbing the landscape.

The x2 Turf is similar to its sibling, the x2, but adds sleek, low-pressure turf tires to complement its rugged exterior. Independent turf studies have proven these tires are gentler than golf carts on the most discriminating landscape – golf fairways – ensuring you can navigate a variety of terrain without leaving a mark. Scratch resistant fenders and higher ground clearance provide a smooth, stable ride, and the durability you’ve come to expect from Segway.

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