How to Make DIY Arduino Ethernet CandyGrabber!

I’ve spent a lot of time at my previous company Comfile building ethernet-enabled devices, which is one of my favorite projects of all time (you can see some of my previous projects after this article at the bottom).

Anyways, Odvratno Zgodan has made a really cool device, it’s an ethernet-enabled DIY Arduino CandyGrabber, which works off Adobe AIR, PHP socket, Red5 server to allow anyone to control his CandyGrabber of the internet. You can try it out yourself here at

This could be very helpful for those of you who are trying to build ethernet-enable Arduino devices, you can refer to the DIY page over at Instructables.

So how should it work? The idea is that there is a Flash AIR app on my home computer that when a remote client connects to it starts the video broadcast. The communication between the client and the AIR app would be through a PHP socket because it can instantly push messages from one to the other. The socket will handle all the clients and the queuing. The Red5 server is used to handle the video broadcast, stream the video and send the arduino commands from the client that is first in the queue to the AIR app (although it could do so much more… we’ll talk about that in a later step). Finally TinkerProxy is used to send commands from the AIR app to the arduino that is connected to the same computer.

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