Four Quadrocopters Fly in Sync!

Probably the tightest flying RC that I have seen with precision and control is the Hexacopter.  Hexacopter is basically like a helicopter but with 6 blades instead of one.

Of course, there’s also quadrocopter, which uses 4 blades.  You are about to see the most fabulous synchronization of four quadrocopters moving in perfect sync and harmony.  You could probably build an autonomous war machine with this, pretty darn cool I’d say.

You will have to amaze your own eyes by watching the four quadrocopters in action:

The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab, famous for those crazy quadrotors that can fly through windows and hula hoops, has been working on getting groups of the robots to fly together in formation. Just like with a formation of fighter jets, there’s a leader robot in each squad along with several follower robots. The followers have just two jobs: follow the leader, and preserve the shape of the formation.

via engadget, ieee

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