Flexible Paper Phone with E-Ink Technology!

I’ve always thought that the future of smartphones would be like a really small device capable of projecting the display holographically in 3D at the palm of your hands but then again, flexible paper phone with e-ink technology is not a bad idea.

And also given that color e-ink is now being developed (as evidenced by my interview/review of color e-readers with Hanvon at CES 2011), this thing isn’t too far away from reality so long as smartphone companies like Apple and Android starts adopting it.

This does give us more insights that with paper-thin smartphones, we can do so much more, perhaps even add a full, pull-out keyboard and maybe even full 20-inch foldable LCDs. Don’t forget, LG is working on flexible newspaper and in color, which should go well with this invention.

The future is not that far away folks, it’s only limited by our imagination.

And finally, watch the flexible paper phone in action (sorta):

via techeblog

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