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Before Google came out with YouTube, I had a strong feeling that YouTube is going to eventually replace cable/satellite TV as we know it.   Well, today YouTube announced another step towards that, they are offering real movies you can stream to your computer, sorta like what Amazon has been doing but through YouTube.

I think this is a huge step for YouTube as I have personally been a big part of as a YouTube partner with my growing YouTube channel.  What YouTube does is huge for millions of self-proclaimed movie directors, high school students with talent, and other normal everyday becoming famous daily.

What YouTube is probably really good at (ever since its birth by founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim) is streaming online videos better than any other video company online.  And of course, last year they’ve upped the status even better by allowing people to upload up to 1080P HD videos.

All this means is actually great for the daily average Joe as it offers more opportunities for no-namers to get their word out.  Besides that, YouTube is also great for small (and tiny) businesses to get their name out through viral campaigns.

Even 5 years ago, YouTube wasn’t all that huge, there was a ton of content but mostly useless, user-generated content you’d watch for fun.  Now, there’s a ton of traditional TV companies involved.

The highlight of all this?  YouTube has not become just a place to watch videos, it’s become a HUGE social network, like Twitter and Facebook.  Twitter and Facebook might have more users in terms of numbers but YouTube is so much bigger than both in my opinion because it’s video and people do everything with video (even video responses).

Anyways, the story got a bit long but you get the idea, you can buy movies on YouTube and I predict by year 2015, you will have at least 90% of cable/satellite channels on YouTube from all over the world.  Now that will be fun when I can just watch TV and pay as I need instead of being strung on a slavery plan from Comcast.

And NetFlix?  They will still be around but this could be a serious signal they need to get even more creative as they won’t be around when YouTube movies gets bigger.

You can check out YouTube Movies as of today at

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