DIY Credit Card Reader Mozart Music Maker!

Steve Chamberlin has created an awesome DIY credit card reader that plays mozart music when you swipe any kind of credit card. He reverse engineered the Z-80 computer inside the credit card reader and let it play some mozart music based on Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator. This is a pretty nifty idea I think, perhaps has a lot more uses to it than just playing music, could be applied to membership cards, perhaps rewards members with auto-generated music plus hidden bonuses? Would certainly work well for Costco.

After discovering a cool little Z-80 based computer inside, and reverse-engineering the hardware, I decided to reprogram it to unlock the music hidden inside magnetic stripe cards. I call this wonder Mozart’s Credit Card.

The hardware is a Tranz 330 POS terminal from VeriFone, dating from the 1980’s. The 330 and its cousins are great for electronics tinkerers. They’re self-contained 8-bit computers with lots of intersting I/O interfaces, and retro-style vacuum-fluorescent displays. They use the same microprocessor as the TRS-80 and ZX Spectrum, so handy software routines from those computers can be reused. The terminals are commonly available from surplus stores or eBay for around $10.

via hackaday

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