2011 Top 5 Military Tech/Gadget Round Up!

Zedomax.com reader GeeP 9 asked us yesterday to cover more military technology and gadgets, so here’s the Top 5 round-up of what’s happening in the military sector:

1. Military has been working on a new technology that could potentially turn diesel exhaust into drinkable/usable water, meaning all military diesel humvees might be able to turn its waste gases into water in the desert. (Read more at Inhabitat)

Researchers at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are developing a method to convert diesel exhaust into purified drinking water. Called capillary condensation, the process is being developed to help military personal out in the field. It will use the waste produced by the military’s gas-guzzling Humvees to safely provide drinking water without putting military personnel at risk.

2. Featured above is the KnightHawk 3G, a “self-contained” cellular network that can be attached to humvees to support communication between soldiers. These days there are many new military gadgets that support 3G cellular network meaning with this in place, there can be more stability and usability of those gadgets and more.

KnightHawk is a complete‚ self-contained WCDMA cellular network that operates within the 2100-MHz band. This single-carrier high capacity wireless base station provides 10 watts of power output‚ features a capacity of up to 60 simultaneous voice calls and supports up to 14 simultaneous HSPA data connections. For fixed installations‚ multiple KnightHawks can be linked together‚ which allows for amplified range as well as increased user and data capacity.


3. The military uses these mosquito repellers that uses butane heat to vaporizes a synthetic repellent to create a 15′ x 15′ safe zone. You can actually pick one of these up at Hammacher Schlemmer. These do certainly look more promising than ultra-sonic repellers. (I believe the ultra-sonic repellers do work but the insects can get used to it.)

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4. The U.S. Army is looking for ways to incorporate Android smartphones/tablets into their line of technology.  I think this is a great idea as Android is very capable of being tuned for security and customizations.  No, this won’t be your average Android phone but a highly-customized, highly-secure Android phone.

The idea is to merge the increasingly ubiquitous Android platform with the military’s existing handheld devices so as to remain connected as much as possible.

“If we see an enemy up front, we could put it in the GPS system. Even though they (fellow Soldiers) can’t see it, you can mark it for them,” explained Hao Bui on the Army’s official website.

5. Here’s a round-up of some interesting military gadgets by YouTube user Radio1Newsbeat:

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