What Do You Want To Read on Zedomax.com?

For awhile, I have been thinking this, “what do you want to read on Zedomax.com”?

We have a lot of subscribers and readers but perhaps it’s time for you to voice your opinions.

An example, “Hey Max, I want you to blog more about hacking my G2 Phone!” or whatever.

Leave your interesting and creative responses below, we are “changing” this blog to be more human-friendly.

And thanks to everyone who’s subscribed to our blog.

Best, Max

8 Responses to What Do You Want To Read on Zedomax.com?

  1. Me says:

    one thing i don’t want to read is annoying pop ups. Take off that stupid pop up asking to liked on facebook

  2. David says:

    I love the job your doing. I love the gadgets and making me smarter, if that’s possible. Keep up the good work D

  3. deemac says:

    Any updates welcomed, more future military trends, readers bloggers top-tip of the week, hacks on everyday things,
    ideas for free power. (solar/battery.) including proven projects… Keep it coming….

  4. GeeP 9 says:

    I really enjoy the eye-opening, WOW, almost too cool for words, info gained from my (the minute I found you) subscription. I’ve shared you’re website w most I know.
    My suggestion, don’t necessarily change, simply add links for those of us who fall into the 50 + yrs old – not completely familiar w jargon and most familiar w a hard copy reference, page flippers, of learning styles. Links which offer more complete instructions/tutorials/glossary to learn understand terminology, etc.. Providing “Links” would not hinder those in the know and would greatly assist those of us trying to get there. Often, in trying to gain ground, repeated searches for needed info, becomes too time consuming and frustrating. Which results in me remaining forever on “GO”, never passing Baltic Ave.. Learning, as you know, yields power, freedom, exploration, choice. I REALLY REALLY want to get off “GO”, I’m house-bound…and hold over a Masters Degree…certainly…certainly I can, I keep telling myself. This would be wonderful. Thank you for what you have done even if I can’t yet-I love reading about all the diverse, exciting, cutting-edge entries at present. Here’s hoping. GeeP 9

  5. max says:

    Okay, will do some more military, hacks on everyday things, ideas for free power, and proven projects, great input, thanks Deemac!

  6. max says:

    Thanks David, will try to do more posts on making you smarter with smarter gadgets! 🙂

  7. max says:

    Highly appreciate ur comment GeeP, now we understand what we need to do, perhaps we will add reference links to Wikipedia and other useful sources for folks like yourself, and that’s not hard for us, thank you sincerely for your feedback, it means a lot to us and why we run this website, will do our best! Best, Max

  8. oggy says:

    Less phone crap. I’m sick of the constant flogging of phones, I or otherwise on all of the sites I used to enjoy.

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