Top 10 Eco-Friendly and Green Gadgets of 2011! #EarthDay

Well, today is that day folks, it’s called Earth Day and you know what?

It’s time for the most eco-friendly and green gadgets of 2011!

Solar LED Desk Lamp – I work right by a big window that gets a lot of sunlight.  This Solar LED Desk Lamp will definitely cut your desktop electric bill to near zero because it can be fully-recharged and provides 5 hours of light.

Best of all, it comes with a 12-feet outdoor-rated wire to the solar panel, meaning you can put the solar panel outside and convert all those UV rays into desktop power.  I am actually going to get this, I love this.

USB Solar Charger/Battery Pack – This one is great for trips where you won’t have access to power as you will get 2 full charges on a smartphone plus more if there’s sunlight.  I would just have one in my car just in case I get stuck in the middle of nowhere and my car breaks down while my phone dies from no battery.

The Sunforce 60-watt Solar Charging Kit is a DIY solar panel kit that gives you up to 60-watts of power.  The great thing about this solar kit is that you can apply it literally anywhere including your RV or even a small home office to power all kinds of stuff such as your laptop, pump, or anything with 12V DC or 110V AC.

If you live in very sunny California or Arizona and you get blazing sun all day long, you might even consider putting this on top of your garage and power all your garage lights.  The application of this kit is ENDLESS.  I am definitely getting one to hack it.

Solar Pool Light – Do you have a pool?  Get a bunch of these to light your pool at night, no more electricity needed period.

I remember the older wireless Logitech keyboards had to be re-charged in a dock at least when I am not using it.  Forget that, this Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard re-charges itself, even with a bit of indoor lighting.  I love this one, getting this soon.

Solar LED Light for Stairs, Decks, and Fences – This Solar LED Light has many uses, two hours of sun will power it all night long.  You could put it on fences or even on stairways or fences so you don’t have to use any electricity.

This rugged, outdoor Wagan Solar Lantern can last more than 35 hours on LEDs.  Certainly for campers and outdoor outings, this is the one to get so you will always have light at night.

Last time I bought a Panasonic $400 electric shaver but sadly both times I lost the AC charger and they became useless.  (And Panasonic didn’t sell AC charger by itself, weird!)  Anyways, no more worries about losing your charger, get a Solar Shaver that works anywhere there’s sun light.

Perhaps you wear a backpack all day long and commute?  Try a solar backpack such as this one.

This Solar Motion-Detecting Porch Light is a must for homeowners as you will never have to pay for outdoor light ever again.

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  1. _mark says:

    cool stuff! digging those big panels. 😀

  2. Solar power is incredibly useful in that it’s simple to implement into almost any electronically powered product. I really think that the solar powered backpack is a great idea, surely useful for us hikers!

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