Portable USB Solar Panel Charger/Battery Pack Review!

I’ve been meaning to get a USB solar charger/battery pack but luckily, MiniInTheBox.com sent me one for a review couple weeks back.  Anyways, this thing is pretty awesome, it basically re-charges itself when there’s even any hint of light.

How powerful is it? It’s rated at 2600mAh, meaning you can probably re-charge your iPhone/Android smartphone/Blackberry twice fully.

Besides that, it also comes with an AC adapter so you can always use it as a battery pack too.  I mean, there’s gotta be times where you might need that too.  Having both options is great and best of all, at price of only $15.19! (There’s others on the market but you need to look at the battery specs, at 2600mAh, this one beats many others hands down for the price you pay.)

You can get this at MiniInTheBox.com.

Oh yeah, I am giving this one out, all you gotta to is leave an interesting and creative response on why you need it, you can leave your comments below or at YouTube.

The mini USB and USB port makes it easy to use it with any gadgets you need to charge on the go.

The USB portable solar charger charging my G2 Phone.

It comes with everything you need, iPhone/iPad/iPod adapter and also AC charger to charge it when there’s no sun.

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