Apple Sues Samsung, Samsung Sues Apple!

So Apple sues Samsung last week and today we hear news that Samsung sues Apple (not a counter-sue but on different matter).

Now here’s the really funny part, Samsung is one of the largest supplier’s of Apple’s products for iPhone/iPad/iPod semiconductors. Why would you do that to Samsung Apple?

I know, I know, we’ve been through this like a hundred times before, Apple just likes to sue and leave nails sticking out in other people’s businesses. In fact, Samsung’s Chairman Lee Kun Hee says, “When a nail sticks out, [people] try to pound it down.”  I think he means that Apple will go down and Samsung will stop supplying parts to Apple.

The most frustrating thing for me as a consumer, “is why?”

Apple acts like they’ve invented everything when they don’t realize that much of parts that go in it were invented by someone else (like Samsung).   And now Samsung sues them back for what they should have done long time ago.  And I don’t get how they have the “balls” (that’s right I said balls if you want to hear it again) to sue one of their major suppliers (who can probably drive them out of business in a hurry).

The point is, we need less of this and more of innovation from both Apple and Samsung.

Why are we going BACK in time when we should be moving forward and make better smartphones, perhaps like the Atrix 4G, a phone that can turn into a laptop?  Seriously, no one cares about the phone’s design so much as much what a phone can actually do.  But keep fighting and waste a bunch of people’s time and money.  That money should be going to Japan’s earthquake fund really.  I am tired of corporate greed.

Disclosure: I am an Android-addict so I am a bit biased towards Android.  I just think Apple is just making some dumb choices at times, it’s Apple who should have been sued when iPhone came out and it was so darn slow.

P.S. Funny thing though, Samsung could literally cut Apple in pieces in one day by stop supplying parts to them, I wonder if they thought about that.   Reason why iPhone 4 can be bought for $199 on contract, Samsung.  Now if they pissed off Samsung, that’s a whole another story, I don’t think Apple can survive without Samsung but Samsung can survive without Apple for sheezy.


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