How to Make Your iPad Waterproof with Dry Case!

For those of you with an iPad or any 10.1″ tablet device and you want to take it to the beach or near the water, there’s a cool gadget for that, this Dry Case comes with self vacuum-sealing technology so your tablet device will stay dry up to 100 feet in the water.  Pretty good idea, I think many will find this very useful.

Press Release:

Wilmington, NC (April 2011)—Dry Corp has been receiving a large number of inquiries lately regarding whether or not their DryCASE Tablet will work with the iPad 2.  The answer is yes, it definitely will.

In fact, the DryCASE Tablet will work with just about any tablet-sized electronic gizmo, including the Samsung Galazy, the Kindle, the iPad 2, and much more.

The DryCASE Tablet is the only vacuum-sealed, fully-enclosed waterproof case that will protect your iPad/Kindle from water damage.  It is also the only protective case that allows for full touch-screen functionality.  Perhaps you want to watch a movie by the pool or use your favorite app in the bathtub?  Now you can.

“Without a vacuum seal, there’s no way to guarantee complete air and water impermeability,” says Dr. Roy Archambault, CEO of Dry Corp.  “Plus, since the DryCASE is sealed against your portable electronic device, you can still use your touch screen and keyboard.”

The DryCASE Tablet also features a 3-way headphone / microphone jack.  Match up the DryCase with another DryCorp accessory, DryBUDS waterproof headphones, and listen to music or watch a movie at the beach or pool!  Use Bluetooth and Skype a video conversation from your hotel pool.   You can also hear and talk through the DryCASE as long as a tiny bit of air remains inside.

The DryCASE also features a buoyant neoprene armband that can be used to attach the product to your arm or to the console of a boat or anything else.  A new optional buoyant waist band has just been added by many requests by stand up paddle surfers and kayak enthusiasts.

The new, patented DryCASE Tablet is state-of –the-art protection for your state-of-the-art technology. You can go anyplace with DryCASE!

The DryCASE Tablet is 9” wide and 13.5 inches long and will fit almost any tablet-sized portable electronics. A smaller DryCASE for phones, cameras or MP3 players is also available.  The DryCASE Tablet is competitively priced starting below $60 and includes all the above features, including the unique vacuum seal technology. Most other products are more expensive and/or have fewer features or are product specific.



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