CNC DIY – How to Build your own DIY CNC!

Just when you thought you had to throw away all your spare parts (and even PVC pipes), someone hits you in the head (perhaps God, Budda, whatever), and you realize that you can make an absolutely, simply-amazing DIY CNC machine.

Cssshop, member of Instructables says about his new DIY CNC project:

I’ve always dreamed of having a CNC and window shopped all the time on the internet. Finally, I discovered Instructables and got plenty of good ideas from others. Ninety percent of my parts were acquired from junk or unused stuff. It doesn’t look pretty but it’s solid and works. The first CNC was posted on “I Made It” photo contest. I took that apart to improve on my first design and I hope it helps other people. This particular CNC I believe is the easiest and cheapest way someone can do it themselves. You could modify this design by replacing the Dremel with a laser, pen, or whatever you can think of.

Indeed, this is one amazing DIY CNC project I can highly appreciate, watch the video of it in action if you don’t believe me:

And if you want to build yourself one, hit up the Project Page link below.

via hackaday, Project Page

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