DIY Electronic Magic 8-Ball!

Remember those “magic” 8-balls you used to do in college? No, I am not talking about that one but the one that tells your future. I am sure many of you have played with it now there’s a DIY guide on how to make your own DIY electronic magic 8-ball!

For about a week now I have been staring at a cellphone charger my friend Caitlin gave me to repair after she had loaned it to some chimpanzees for apparent durability testing. I was debating on whether I had put the repair off long enough, when, with no humans in earshot to ask, I figured I would build a Magic 8 Thing and ask it if I could procrastinate any longer. Was this a lack of motivation to repair a cellphone charger or was it motivation to make a Magic 8 Thing. Irrelevant really as I got both things done in about 10 hours this weekend.

via hackedgadgets, Project Page

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