Atrix 4G vs. Optimus 2X! [Battle of Dual-Core Smartphones]

What I have here is the two of the fastest smartphones in the world, the LG Optimus 2X on the left and Atrix 4G on the right.

When these phones were announced and demo-ed at CES 2011, my heart beat racing faster and faster.

Of course, I was finally able to pick up both superphones, the Optimus 2X on SK Telecom in Korea and the Atrix 4G on AT&T.

I am glad to say, each of these Tegra 2 dual-core equipped smartphones blow everything else out of the water.

The Optimus 2X and Atrix 4G have both 4-inch screens yet the Optimus 2X is a bit taller.

The Atrix 4G features a micro USB and micro HDMI port on the left side for docking it to its laptop dock.  In the meanwhile, the Optimus 2X doesn’t have a laptop dock but also possesses similar super-hero powers with its micro HDMI port on the top that can do full-mirroring or 1080P playback to an HDTV.

For display, the Atrix 4G wins with its crystal, clear 960×540 resolution screen while the LG Optimus 2X is at 800×480.

We did a Linpack test, which shows how fast the processor runs.  In our tests, the results were similar as they both use the same Tegra 2 dual-core 1Ghz processor.

For the NeoCore video frames test, LG Optimus 2X edged out the Atrix 4G with a whopping 79.4fps.

For the Quadrant benchmarking, the Atrix 4G and Optimus 2X both had similar results after multiple runs.

Overall, each phone has its advantages.

For Atrix 4G, its laptop dock, 960×540 resolution screen, and 1930mAh battery is just plain freaky awesome.

For LG Optimus 2X, its HDMI mirroring, 1080P recording and 1080P video playback capability is awesome too.

When will LG Optimus 2X be in the states?  The rumor is that it will be here next month, rebranded as Optimus G2X.


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