Atrix 4G Review Part 2!

For those of you who have been following us during CES 2011, you probably read our original Atrix 4G review. Well, that was at the actual CES show and we didn’t really have the time to go over every feature so here’s a more, detailed review of the Atrix 4G Android smartphone.

The Atrix 4G Android smartphone is actually a lot smaller than you think.  It’s a “very small” smartphone equipped with the best of the worlds.  Motorola has done a fantastic job of keeping the form factor candy-small while adding cool features like fingerprint-reading security lock and laptop dock.

The right side of the Atrix 4G is beautifully formed, there’s just Volume Up and Down buttons, everything else is smooth.


What I love about the Atrix 4G is the back cover, it’s some kind of cabor-fiber-ish cover that doesn’t get any fingerprint smears.   I suspect that could be because the phone itself uses fingerprint locking mechanism but regardless, I prefer this type of finish.

The left side of the phone has a micro USB and micro HDMI port, which are used for the laptop dock feature.  Unfortunately, the Atrix 4G doesn’t do HDMI mirroring, the only drawback of the phone in my mind.

The curves on the corners of the Atrix 4G really make it feel nice on my hands, not like an edgy iPhone 4.

The fingerprint sensor is also the Power/Sleep button, it serves multiple purposes.

When you activate the fingerprint sensor, no longer do you swipe but use your fingerprint to unlock your Atrix 4G.

See, me unlocking Atrix 4G!  If the fingerprint fails for reason, you can also use a 4-digit code to unlock your Atrix 4G.

My Atrix 4G is running HSDPA right now, speed is decent, but AT&T’s network proved to be very spotty, spotty than T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.

The Atrix 4G features a Menu button, Home button, Back button, and Search button.

Another highlight of the Atrix 4G is its high-resolution LCD screen.  At 960×540 pixel resolution, it’s the highest resolution on a 4-inch screen smartphone in the world.

Indeed, the higher resolution makes the Atrix 4G crisp and clear, you won’t be disappointed with it.

Here’s Atrix 4G on top of a Nexus S.  The Nexus S is actually a bit longer and bit thinner but overall, the Atrix 4G is about the same size as a Nexus S and weighs a tad bit more.

Battery Life of Atrix 4G

Atrix 4G gets pretty darn good mileage with its hefty 1930mAh battery, I’ve had a solid use for a whole day no problems with extra 30% left on the battery.  It’s the longest battery life on a stock Android smartphone I’ve tried so far.  Motorola did a fantastic job of implementing high-power battery along with their own Task Manager, which kills unwanted apps.

If you are looking for a super phone that has a looooooong battery life, Atrix 4G is the way to go for sheezy.

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