DIY Punching Bag Training Device!

Simply punching a punching bag for hours on the end probably won’t get you better at boxing or any other martial arts.  But here’s an incredible DIY punching bag training device that teaches you to punch at different point.  It’s very similar to pointing a laser for your cat to chase but believe me, as a black belt in Tae Kwon Do myself, I can appreciate such a great training device.

I just wonder if companies will get ideas from this and make some better punching bags.

via hackedgadgets, Project Page

One Response to DIY Punching Bag Training Device!

  1. Thomas Fox says:

    Do not waste your money on this bag. I trained with a golden glove instructor for a few years. This bag was a toy. It bounces. It gets your toes if your not careful, and it slides all over the room. When you deliver a hard hit, the base, full of water leaves the ground and slams back down on the floor… This is no good for sheet rock and light fixtures. When you place it on a solid surface, it ends up in a corner, ruining your workout. Spend your money on a hanging bag.

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