How to Make Smartphone Capacitive Stylus!

If you live in an area where it’s freezing cold and you have to wear gloves all the time, it will be near impossible to use your smartphone whether that be an Android or iPhone.

For that, you can get a smartphone capacitive stylus. (A bunch of them on Amazon for around $10-15)

Of course, you can also make them rather easily using parts around the house.

The simplest capacitive stylus you can make is using a battery’s negative end.  Just put some soft material on the negative end (so it won’t scratch the surface of your smartphone) and start using it.

If you want something more accurate, you can pick up a Korean sausage at your local Korean/Asian market. (They also sell a non-food copy on Amazon here.)

You can also roll an anti-static film to make a capacitive stylus.  I know most people have these laying around after buying computers/laptops, but I heard this method doesn’t work all that well.

Lastly, you can use snap fasteners to make a capacitive stylus also.

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