DSLR Hack – How to make a DIY Follow Focus!

(Image Credit: Flickr)

While researching some ways to make my own follow focus (basically a dial so you can easily change the focus with one hand without shaking your DSLR camera while taking HD videos), I found some great ways to save almost $1000 over retail versions.

First, you can easily make a DIY follow focus using one of the rubber/steel clamps you can buy from Home Depot in the plumbing section.

Here’s a video that illustrates how to make the $1 DIY follow focus:

Cheap follow focus DIY from André Desrochers on Vimeo.

Also, if you want to put it on a DSLR rig/rack, there’s another DIY follow focus which uses a big steel ring:

I would certainly say these DIY follow focus could work just as great at $1000 retail versions and if you are on a budget like myself, you might want to get another DSLR lens or body for that amount of money.

I might make my own DIY follow focus this week sometime so I will post some photos of my own DIY follow focus soon.

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