Sony NWZ-W252 Walkman Review!

Probably the “best” portable MP3 player I owned in my whole, entire life is a Sony Walkman MP3.  I bought it back in around 2006 and it was like a 2GB MP3 player.  What impressed me the most about that Sony MP3 player wasn’t that I couldn’t browse the web on it but the battery life was excellent.  On just 1 minute charge, my Sony Walkman could go for 3 hours on full-out volume.

That’s what the Sony NWZ-W252 is all about, it’s an MP3 player/radio that’s also a sports-earbud.   This is simply the best MP3 player in the world for listening to music while you work out.  Besides that, Sony has mastered their earbuds, I’ve tried countless MDR-series earbuds which are one of the best in the world.

If you need a water-resistant, MP3 player that will go 11 hours straight while you go run the marathon next month, and keeps the noise out, the Sony NWZ-W252 is definitely for you.

Get it on Amazon or SonyStyle.

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