Hanvon Color E-Reader Review!

Future of e-readers?  It’s color.  That’s right, Hanvon intro-ed the world’s first true color e-reader (not LCD like Nook Color) at CES 2011.  This color e-reader uses no power (other than when switching pages) to power their color e-reader and can display up to 4096 different colors.

It’s a pretty slick 9.7 inch device with 1024×600 resolution, certainly the future of e-readers.  Hanvon doesn’t have a reseller in the U.S. yet but we think that will change soon.  Now, if Hanvon can work with Amazon on Kindle Color, that would be pretty awesome.

It has wifi and also might be 3G-enabled if Hanvon can get U.S. carriers to work with it or perhaps come unlocked for SIM card usage on T-Mobile and AT&T.

I think this is just tip of the iceburg, watch out for true color e-readers for Kindle and Nook real soon no doubt.

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