Joby Ori Aluminum Composite iPad Case/Stand Review

Joby has been known to innovate in the camera field for the last couple years for their creative Gorillapods (which I highly recommend btw), this year they decided to do something different with their new Joby Ori, an aluminum composite (aircraft-grade) iPad case/stand that can protect your iPad and also position it at various different angles.

I think this is the “best” iPad case/stand combo out there right now and Joby has nailed it.

Not only will it protect your iPad, it “looks good” when you put that aluminum composite on top of it.

Whether you are using your iPad to type e-mails or perhaps stand it up for presentation, there’s nothing better out there in my opinion than this Joby Ori iPad case/stand.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the video demo review below:

Joby Ori can do like 30, 45, and 80 degrees with simple adjustment.

While not in use, protect your iPad by enclosing it in heavy-duty, yet light Joby Ori.

Huge thanks to Sandro and Scott at Joby for their time. ┬áPeople at Joby are one of the nicest at CES, that’s probably why they make great products.

Now, I am hoping they make a “universal” version of Joby Ori for 10″ Android tablets, that would be cool.

Joby Ori should be available $79.99 at (Check here)

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