CES 2011 – 2nd Generation Intel Core Demo!

Probably one of the coolest booths at CES 2011 unarguably is the Intel booth, especially their 2nd generation Intel core demo where a multitude of displays powering a 3D demo is powered by a single Intel chip. Certainly, I am glad Intel is making improvements to their chips, integrating the GPU (and making it more usable for HD content/3D), while allowing the chips to be still used on small form factor laptops and whatnot.

For me, it seems like even though I buy at least 2 laptops every year, they are never fast enough. There’s always some kind of big gap between my powerful desktop, laptop, netbook, and smartphone.

Of course, in 5 years or so, I think we should have powerful enough smartphone to run all of the above, sorta like Atrix 4G phone but with perhaps 5Ghz dual-core processing power.

Well, enjoy the demo, there’s a bit of BSOD, I think they were running Windows. Surprisingly, BSOD only lasts a couple seconds.

2 Responses to CES 2011 – 2nd Generation Intel Core Demo!

  1. Alan Parekh says:

    That is amazing. Must be a wireless processor if the one she if holding in her hands is powering the entire display. 😉

  2. max says:

    I agree, it must be wireless! 🙂

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