Samsung Sliding PC 7 Review!

At CES 2011, I was able to get a glimpse of the future of tablets, netbooks, and laptops.  And that?  Is probably like the Atrix 4G smartphone which allows you to dock your Android smartphone on an LCD/keyboard combo.

No, but we are not there yet.  Even as fast as Tegra 2 processors are, I think it will be another 1-2 years before it can be considered practical.   It’s great technology, about a year too early.

BUT, what is interesting is that now tablets, netbooks, and laptops are adopting sliding keyboards that were traditionally used on smartphones like the Droid 2 and G2 Phone as an example.

I think this is a really an awesome idea because it allows your laptop to be used as a tablet touchscreen device and slide out the keyboard only when you really need it, to write long e-mails, work on presentations, or write a long blog post like this one.  Certainly, I couldn’t make this type of blog post on a touchscreen device alone, nevermind a smartphone.

One of the highlights of the CES 2011 show was Samsung’s Sliding PC 7, which is a Windows 7 based laptop that allow you to use it as a tablet device (like an iPad) or as a laptop simply by sliding out the keyboard.

Samsung Sliding PC 7 Specs

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 features a 10-inch 1366×768 resolution screen, Intel Atom Oak Trail 1.6-GHz processor, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 1.3MP webcam, and around 9 hours of battery life.

Final Verdict

At 2.18 pounds of weights, this 10-inch sliding beast certainly is lighter than any netbooks out on the market while a bit heavier than tablet-only devices like an iPad.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 isn’t for everyone, it’s for that niche group of users who are looking for a good marriage between a netbook and a tablet device.

Personally, I don’t like carrying any type of mobile device without a keyboard including my Droid 2 and G2 smartphone, both of which have sliding keyboards. I also have an ASUS Eee PC netbook that is only 3 pounds but the form factor is a bit bulky and I don’t like carrying it with me everywhere.

But this Sliding PC 7 does solve that problem, it’s much lighter/thinner than my ASUS Eee PC netbook and will let me do some mobile blogging anywhere I go.

What it’s definitely not going to do is replace my Intel Core i7 laptop, which I use for 1080P HD video rendering. But for everything else, I think the Sliding PC 7 could be the answer, only if the price is right.

On the other hand, there’s also the ASUS Eee Pad Slider Android tablet that also comes with a keyboard, I am leaning towards that one but I do prefer Windows 7 for Photoshop and other desktop applications which Android cannot fully do (yet).

Still, I think Samsung Sliding PC 7 is a great move on Samsung’s part of innovating their netbook/notebooks.  Instead of letting their netbook market die, Samsung has rejuvenated the netbook/tablet design and have got people got excited.

The Samsung Sliding PC 7 should be available in March 2011 in 2 months at around $699 (or I hope around $499 or less).

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