Verizon 4G Hack – How to Get Verizon 4G Modem to Work with Mac!

For those of you wondering how to get Verizon’s 4G modem to work with a Mac, Tuaw has great set of instructions to setup the modem to work with Mac. Of course, you will have to activate the 4G modem using a Windows computer but afterwards, it should be easy to take advantage of Verizon’s LTE network on your Mac. (For activating, you can use a virtual machine software on your Mac such as VMWare, or hopefully you have an extra Windows computer too.)

Next, type in the GSM device settings. For the Phone Number field, type in the phone number associated with the device, or #777 if that does not work. In the Account Name field, type your device phone number plus the string (for example, if your modem’s phone number is 303-555-1212, the account name will be Finally, you’ll be asked for a password, which in this case is vzw.

Now click on the Advanced button. In the advanced settings, you should set carrier as Generic, model as GPRS (GSM/3G), APN as vzwinternet, and CID as 1. Click OK to save the settings, then connect.

via tuaw

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