Best Camcorder for Snowboarding!

The other day, I bought HatCam so I can use it while snowboarding but was researching further because HatCam seemed to be a bit flimsy for snowboarding needs.  Anyways, after couple hours of researching online plus watching the video quality people uploaded on YouTube, I found the perfect camcorder for snowboarding, the GoPro HD.

The GoProHD features a super-wide 170 degrees lens with 1080P at 30fps, 720P at 60fps and it’s water-resistant up to 180 feet while also shock-proof.

I am a bit out of money because I spent on all the camera equipment I need for CES 2011 but next year, I will be definitely getting one of these to test it out while I snowboard.

What can you expect from GoProHD?

Check out this video taken by pro-snowboarder Tim Humphreys:

And yeah, some people even stuck it on their pet turtle:

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