How to Monitor TCP/IP in Windows 7!

For those of you wondering how to monitor TCP/IP connections in Windows 7, there’s a free, open-source program called CurrPorts (download here) you can use to monitor everything that’s going on with your network. Sometimes the default tools on Windows 7 isn’t enough, especially if you computer has been compromised by spyware or malware (which could alter the Windows 7 task manager to not show themselves).

Using some kind TCP/IP sniffing software such as CurrPorts will allow you to closely monitor what programs are using your network and you should be able to spot any programs that are not supposed to be on your computer.

Also, it makes good sense to disable any inbound network connections by using your Windows 7 Firewall in the first place to not allow network connections you don’t want (such as bloatware using up your bandwidth). I will have more on that later btw.

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