Router Hack – How to Connect a Mifi Hotspot Device into a Router/Wired Network!

One of our readers asked me if there was a way to connect a MiFi hotspot device such as Verizon’s MiFi or Sprint’s 4G Overdrive into a wired network/router. I googled it and found that you can do it with DD-WRT.

I probably wouldn’t do that if you do a lot of downloading such as Bittorrent as ISP will get mad at you if you over-use the device. (and could terminate your contract)  They are really made for travel and portability, not for full-time computing.  I think so, but you are free to check out what the limits are by downloading a bunch of pron and leaving us the details below in the comments section.

However, this could be a great solution to many of you out there who use internet for light web browsing like my parents and connect multiple devices.

This tip might not be helpful for many but for those of you like me who live in areas populated enough to have good verizon coverage but not enough to have decent Cable or DSL internet this may be a solution for you. So far we have connected 2 of these for customers just outside of the Danville, IL area which is mostly country and farmland since they did not have a good source for high speed internet.

The MiFi 2200 allows you to use the 3G internet speed and will act as a router to allow you to connect 5 wireless devices.
But what if you have a small office on a wired network and want to share the internet on those PC’s without adding wireless to each unit.

Well I added DD-WRT to a Linksys WRT54G2 router. Set the Router in Client Mode and was able to configure it on the MiFi while still acting as the DHCP server for the small office network. The speed is not Spectacular but it’s 10 times better than dial up and musch more stable than using individual WAN cards. It’s also nice be able to do this on 1 line from Verizon as opposed to multiple lines, one for each PC. The connection between the MiFi and the router is excellant in fact much better than I thought it would be.

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