Egg Chairs!

Remember when we posted Google Pods where Google employees can take naps, relax, or do their own Zen thing?

Well, how about egg chairs you can use to get your work done?  I think egg chairs in general have a relaxing affect while you work.

Here’s a couple suggestions for those of you looking for good egg chairs for all-day computing:

Inmod has this classic egg chair, I think this is the best egg chair I’ve seen so far.

Now, if you want a little bit more advanced with features like 5.1 Surround Sound so you can listen to your MP3s while you work, check out this Sound Egg Chair that does exactly that.

Of course, if you don’t want to be all egged out and feel claustrophobic, here’s a slightly half-baked egg chair, the Galaxy Egg Chair.

See more Egg Chairs.

One Response to Egg Chairs!

  1. Anonymous says:

    The red and white one is a ball chair, not an egg chair, FYI

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